#1 Math World : Introduction & Getting Started

#1 Math World : Introduction & Getting Started

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Mr. Unity Buddy

Published on Apr 13, 2021

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Hello, buddies. Welcome to my Math World Devlogs! Let me introduce my new game, Math World.


Well, this game is a fun & educational game. Since there are somewhat hard mathematical questions it is good for 11+. And this is a very short and fun game!

Idea & Concept

Simply, it's a quiz game. There are two Play modes as QUIZ MODE and STORY MODE.

Quiz Mode

In quiz mode, player will get some questions cards with 4 answers. There are no relationship with questions. I hope I will be able to add 25+ question cards.

Story Mode

Well, I love this part. 2 stories as 'Hackerz World' and 'S.O.S.C'. 6 questions per each. Player have to find answers on the questions. As an example Player will be given a question like 'To fly 4 hours in space, a Jet need 3 liters of fuel. How many liters of fuel needed to fly 8 hours in the space?'. Then, player need to find answer. If the answer is correct, next question will be given, which is related to it. At the end, It's a Story!

Getting Started (Menus And some Cards)

Well, I thought it's better to make some menus(except start menu) and some cards first. After hitting PLAY button in the Start menu, This will be appear, image.png Story Mode : image.png Quiz Mode : image.png And also, I made some question cards(panels) too! image.png image.png image.png

See you again!

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